Rural house Ponte Sarela

About us

We are Manuela and Luis, and the estate of Ponte Sarela was a dream come true when we decided to settle here with our five children more than 20 years ago.
Ponte Sarela grande was the family home, and Ponte Sarela pequeña was the rehearsal space for one of our children. If you like jazz, you will enjoy the soundtrack of Ponte Sarela, authentic Galician jazz to listen to on the state on a sunny afternoon, or reading at home while it continues to rain outside …
With this background music, we invite you to continue getting to know the facilities and the environment.



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Ponte Sarela grande

What used to be our family home is now a special accommodation for families and groups of between 6 and 8 people, as the versatility of the space allows for 3 or 4 bedrooms.
The kitchen, fully equipped, gives access to a garden with barbecue, an arbour and the company of hundred-year-old oaks. This outdoor space is the setting for our most special memories. With the sound of birds or with background music, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, here we live and share unforgettable moments with our people.
Although we recommend disconnecting from the Internet, we know how useful it can be at times, so we have wifi.




Ponte Sarela pequeña


The rehabilitation of this space allowed us to maintain the essence of a typical Galician house, with a living room with fireplace and views of the garden, two double rooms with two beds, and a small equipped kitchen.
An annexed structure on the outside with a stone table and bench is ideal for sitting and eating in the shade.
Although we recommend disconnecting from the Internet, we know how useful it can be on occasion, so we have wifi.



El entorno ing

The environment

The access to Ponte Sarela from Carballeira de San Lourenzo is the first reference of the Camino from Santiago to Fisterra, and it is here where we find the first jacobean landmark. Century-old oaks take us, without leaving Santiago, to Celtic Galicia.
At the end of the road and before crossing the bridge you can park your car, because the estate is on the other side of the bridge, on the right.
You can also get there by car from the top of the estate, to facilitate direct access to the big house.
We are 1.5 km from the cathedral of Santiago, you can enjoy the privilege of proximity to the monumental area, the charm of living in a village and the sound of water from the river Sarela at the foot of the estate.
Our proposal is not to take the car and enjoy the stay, the state and the environment. A walk along the river connects us with the Galeras Park and the Finca do Espiño, a green and unknown Santiago for most people who visit us. The sound of the water will accompany us for much of the tour, and with patience and stealth, it is possible to see some otter.
In the opposite direction, we leave Santiago in the direction of Fisterra.
The project Senda das Estrelas provides information to plan a group trip depending on the days available:
With more than 10.000 m2, this place was also a paradise for our dogs, so if your pets are part of your life, in Ponte Sarela they will be welcome.